COP26: Time to flip the script: putting ‘XX’ in the director's seat.

Event details

Tuesday 9th November, 13:45 - 14:30

Woods House, 319 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5LD.

Hosted and moderated by COPXX Co-founder, Dianne Dain

About the event

'XX' is the symbol for the female chromosome (and is not exclusive to just women), yet nearly all the major decisions when it comes down to the Climate Crisis are being made from the "Y" chromosome, the masculine strand and specifically men. What if decisions were made from a feminine perspective, how would major decisions be evaluated before becoming conclusive, and what would the difference in outcome be of these decisions?

Each of our speakers will set the stage relating to their organisation or industry by laying out a 8-10 minute overview of how things might be different from the 'XX' perspective, and then we will continue with a journey of discussion and debate on how important this systemic change is to our future.

We will be discussing how we:

  • Engage individual ideas and actions like voting with our consumer dollars, empowering our youth to become advocates
  • Advance action between leaders in climate change and the environment and examine options for environmental financial models
  • Reconnect with Mother Nature as our CEO, how would we be making different choices?

The speakers:

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